The Ugliest Animals Of The World

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Ugly Dog


This Chinese crested pooch was spotted at the International Dogs exhibition in Moscow. Sorry, dog, no tongue is big enough to cover that ugly face.

Hairless Cat


Some things to look for on this cat: fox snout, shaved belly, awkward pose, rat tail. So much to see…

Matamata Turtle


The matamata turtle is one of the ugliest animals on the planet. Though they are soft-shelled, they are accomplished hunters. That smile is so misleading. Good camouflage

Hairless Dogs


This photo is getting us one step closer to rounding out our Sam collection. Look at the sidebar categories for more.

Long-beaked echidna


The Long-beaked echidna a species closely related to Attenborough’s long-beaked echidna from the Foja mountains in New Guinea.



Of the roughly 125 species of monkey out there, most are known for being mischievous and naughty, not for being evil. Any primatologists know what this fello is? I think this species will provide for a few more posts, and a few more nightmares.

A Frilled Shark



What you’re looking at is a frilled shark. This fish is rarely seen alive because they live at a depth of around 600 meters or more. That’s pretty deep. This particular specimen was accidentally caught by a Japanese fisherman, who then called the authorities. I can’t imagine what went though his head as he brought this eel-like shark to the surface. Frilled sharks, like many of its cousins, give live birth. It is estimated that they are pregnant for one to two years, which would give them the longest gestatation of any vertebrate – even longer than elephants. That is a claim to fame I’m sure no mother wants.

Baby Slenderloris


Perhaps, the most evolutionarily unique and endangered animals on the planet. Such animals include this slender loris, the pygmy hippo, and the bumblebee bat. Each of the species targeted have been identified as ‘one-of-a-kind,’ meaning, they are very distinct, evolution-wise. This uniqueness is being combined with their numbers in the wild (or lack thereof) to create a better plan to preserve them. I like the effort. I’m behind it. The world is full of kittens and puppies. We could use more bats and loris’ and pygmy animals.

Hatchet Fish Scales


This fish is colored dark on top, pale on the bottom, and silver on the sides. That makes it very difficult to see from any direction, at least underwater. I’m thinking of devising my own clothing line based on this camouflage principle. I’m just afraid it’s going to take a lot of hatchet fish scales to make even a simple trench coat – could be expensive.

Ribbon Eel



You’re looking into the face of the ribbon eel. This subset of the moray eel clan leads a very interesting life. For one, they are known to be the most sociable and peaceful of the morays. But get this: they start out blue and male. But as they mature, they become yellow and female.

Coconut Crab


I try to take my garbage cans to the curb during the daylight hours. That way I can see any spiders that might be lurking on the handles (and I’ve found quite a few, so my fears are warranted!).
But I would have to add a kevlar vest, a welder’s shield, and butcher’s gloves to my routine if I had to contend with the coconut crab. I can’t get enough of these monsters. I wonder if they make for good guard crabs. I’m sure they need less attention than a dog.



I can just imagine myself going for a swim in a Mexican river, a nice carne asada taco in my belly. I’m cruising along and enjoying myself when I stick my head underwater and see this staring back at me. I would assume that I had encountered the aquatic version of Chupacabra. I’d then prepare for my trip to the Underworld.









Pygmy marmoset




62 Responses to “The Ugliest Animals Of The World”

  1. ImageGag Says:

    Woah, a couple of those look made up, like the blobfish and hagfish.

    And yes, the Chinese Crested is one ugly dog. God knows why my brother just got one. It’s such a sweet dog, but it’s so frail and it feels a little too much like a hairy person.

    I don’t get this ugly trend. Ugly cars, ugly clothes, ugly pets. Yikes.

  2. ally Says:

    sam is very ugley.

  3. carmen Says:

    those r the ugliest animals i ever seen in my whole life!!!!!! abd i thought that my nefew was ugly!! sorry jovani but it’s true JK!!! i love u not!! jk!!

  4. jada moultrie Says:

    i think that these animals are sooo ugly… how can ppl have them as pets??!!

    dawains wiifey

  5. Dave Straus Says:

    okay the blobfish is putrid thats for sure but id say for the most part most of these guys are cute and intriguing

  6. MARIAH Says:

    I am sorry but some of those animals look made up but they look real. I have seen Sam and that fat cat that is sitting down like a human. If I had those animals i would try to fix them up by putting treatment on them and stuff like that because i feel bad for them because If I was a human and looked like that I would feel embarrassed annd remember this is MARIAH speaking thanks for my time!

  7. yashika Says:

    I think that it is very sad that some people think that is funny, because what if you looked like that you would be crying,it’s very disaponiting and unnormal that they would take picture of those animals.

  8. thisissostupid Says:

    aww! dont judg a poor wittle animal by the looks!!!!
    except the cat! ew!!! but apparently they can swim!!!!
    the blob fish looks HILARIOUS!!!!and none of them look fake except for the hagfish. that looks like an old tv show!!!!

  9. Zauren Hall Says:

    hey! those animals look so nasty. Thats horrible. i would like to see those parrents.

  10. kim Says:

    Those animals are so fugly, but they had me and takeener crackin up!!! They are quit uglly and fake lookin but we had a few good laughs looking at them! thanks for posting their pictures!~

  11. Jewely Says:

    OMG x10 some of thoes animals are the cuteist things i’ve ever seen how can u people say ther ugly like the Axolotl, Pygmy marmoset, Baby Slenderloris, and the cute dog (Ugly Dog)

  12. Marie Says:

    Them animals r so fake!!!!!!!!!! IDC wat anybodi say !?!?!?

  13. babygirl Says:

    i am with mariah these animals are ugly but they have hearts just like humans do

  14. someone important !! Says:

    wow there all fugly amd cute in a strang ang sic way lole !!

  15. yo yo Says:

    i think that the hairless dog is the ugliest

  16. Miranda Says:

    Omfg ppls. The post was prolly meant to be silly or just a personal opinion.
    Geez “they have hearts just like ppl do”?

    I got knews for ya! There is a hell of a lot of ugly ass ppl too!

    And btw: these animals are real – one or two of the pictures may not be, or just taken at a werid angle or something.

    I thought this was funny as heck! thanx 4 posting. although the pic u choose for the axolotl was adorable. but some of them are creepy as heck in real life!!! XD

  17. hayhay Says:

    wow not all of them are ugly… some of them are super cute

  18. Aniqah Samirah Mohammed Says:

    Although these animals have very hideous appearances, they should all be treated equally just like all other cute animals because they are still all creatures of God.

  19. Ehsan Enaloo Says:

    Was very beautiful and enjoyed more great God took the following

  20. kayla Says:

    Aww some of these animals are actualy really cute haha like the Tariser monkey thing (:

  21. breeanna Says:

    I know a girl that looks like one of thoes animals! lol but i think the uglyest animal is Hatchet Fish Scales!
    like what the hell. common now that thing is ugly!

  22. Defender Says:

    how can anyone say a Tarsier is ugly?! They are adorable prosimians of the Haplorrhini suborder. Their forward facing large eyes with protruding bone surrounding it are amazingly adorable. All of their unique features that separate them from the other infraorders of haplorrhini are adorable.

  23. Nazim Mohammed Says:

    They are very hideous but they still have feelings.

  24. Grayson890pie Says:

    Those are some HIDDEOUS animals but still are VERY funny!!!

  25. mistymite Says:

    im sorry but i disagree with alot of you guyf i think they are so adoribel and sweet

  26. Hannah Says:

    The ugly dog was the cutest thing I have ever seen in my life! the hatchet fish scales is the ugliest thing I have ever seen! and the hairless dog is the scariest
    thing I have ever seen!

  27. CUTE! Says:


  28. RyanHater Says:


  29. ebony Says:

    some of thouse animals are soo cute and not soo hideous funny than hideouse

  30. Adam Nageye Says:

    blobfish is ugly

  31. katherine Says:

    some of them are cute

  32. Lilly Says:

    Alot of these animals are toral babes! (:

    There too cute.But,Some of them.Eh? /:

    So stop posting stuff like “Sorry Dog,Your tounge isnt long enough to cover that ugly face.” Thats so harsh,& Mean!Be nice to animals,All over the Planet!

    -Lilly <3

  33. Alexis Says:

    they are cute in there own way so don`t tease them. I bet if u looked liked that u would be mad at who ever wrote that

  34. Lilly Says:

    The dog titled “Ugly Dog” is probably the cutest one on this page!

    Don’t treat someone different just because they are different looking!!!

    They are beautiful creatures,& if you were one of the ugliest animals on the planet or one of the ugliest humans on the planet,You would feel pretty darn bad about saying all of this about these poor animals.
    & every single animal on this page is real!

  35. Grant crickmay Says:

    O my daze these are the most steaming ugly creatures one has ever seen.
    Good God they look just like my friend and his family Tom Byrne.

  36. hole Says:

    Why isn’t my wife in here?

  37. noob Says:

    it was cool but som of them look fack


    those are some ugly animals and that cat has man boobs

  39. amber Says:

    i think the Axolotl is adorable!!

  40. brooke Says:

    omg i omg cant belive now i no i dont want a dog lol i want a puppy but cheack out my web site pieiscool chanella so im 11 u guys may no

  41. brooke Says:

    ill get a cat kitten

  42. AnimalSaviour Says:

    Aaw don’t judge a book by it’s cover man! I love all creatures. Ugly or not. Apart from the blobfish. He steals your soul.

  43. adiel Says:

    some animals are ugly but in some way thare kind of cute

  44. Nicolle Says:

    Wowie ! Hahaha (:
    They are so ugly, that they are cute ! < If that makes any sense at all ..

  45. Reverend Marie Carew Says:

    No life on this planet is ugly. All creations are godly and beautiful. We are all born of the Earth which makes us all equal from the slug to the human being. What is ugly is the cruel intolerants that comes from the primitive minds of mankind.

  46. nicole Says:

    the look just like me

  47. dominic Says:

    tasir is cute u just made his eye wink

  48. dominic Says:

    i do not no y u made the blob fish up it made every body vomate

  49. capo Says:


  50. onyedika Says:

    its so ugly

  51. Country Girl : ) Says:

    You are trying to kill some one with that pic of the hairless dog!!!!

  52. ME Says:

    Actually they don’t having feelings about their looks. They feel perfectly normal but think you are gross.

  53. Louca-Mai Says:

    i have all of these for pets. <3

  54. Louca-Mai Says:

    i have to dog for a pet

  55. John Says:

    I think tarsier is not ugly. Actually, if u really have seen this animal, you will probably say that it isn’t ugly at all. I have seen this in Bohol and they are really cute. they are just a mug tall animal and as big a mug too.

  56. Amy Says:

    Wow… So many of you judge these animals like they are supposed to make you feel better about yourself! It’s not nice to make fun of these animals; especially when WWF is doing all it can to save them. It’s bad that so many of you make fun but yet I wanna bet half of you or more are just as ugly.

  57. Ruby Hornsby Says:

    this is so funny! tiny bit cute, but soUGLY. LOL

  58. Ugly Animals Says:

    That hairless cat is so disgusting beyond words. Eww!

  59. Harshita Says:

    I think i dint like the hag fish,its creepy
    Bt da blob fish is cute!!

  60. sponge Says:

    that cat looks sooo fat

  61. dana Says:


  62. calicokitti Says:

    There are NO ugly animals!!!! All animals have the look they were supposed to have. I have seen some pretty UGLY people!!! I’m sure there are some animals that would not want UGLY people as pets!!!!!