Most Expensive Jewelry Of The World

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Diamond Necklaces


$5 million

Diamonds are not only the girl’s best friend. They are also an economical man’s worst enemy! It is no secret that diamonds and diamond necklaces as well as diamond jewelry are costly. The ordinary you and I might wish to have a necklace with small, cheap diamonds just to tell others we have diamond necklaces as well, but well, otherwise, the more exotic diamond necklaces with large stones or many stones are simply not for average folks.

How about a diamond necklace that has a pear shaped diamond, about 75 carats? The necklace looks simply stunning with the diamond in it, and it costs only about US $5 million. There is also a diamond ring that is quite cheap – about $1 million. A beautiful diamond necklace, by Stefano Canturi, costs only about &750,000 – $1 million.

The Blue Diamond


$7.98 million

It is the ultimate diamond in the rough. And if you have to ask how much it costs, you can’t afford it. A rare
and flawless blue diamond has set a record as the most expensive precious jewel of its kind ever sold. The gem, which is 6.04 carats and sparkles with an unusual blue hue, is almost as breathtaking as the
price it fetched at a Sotheby’s auction in Hong Kong.

Diamond of Hope



Cartier wanted a lot of money,” says Washington Post Columnist Sarah Booth Conroy, “and Evalyn was hesitant. So Cartier added, ‘Well, we’ve fixed it up now with a wonderful setting and you’ll like it.

Why don’t you keep it for a few days?’ And so she put it on her dresser and she looked at it and she looked at it…” “For hours that jewel stared at me,” remembers Evalyn in her autobiography, “and at some time during the night I began to really want the thing. Then I put the chain around my neck and hooked my life to its destiny for good or evil.”
The deal closes at $180,000; Cartier’s elaborate sales pitch has worked. The Hope diamond is the largest and most perfect blue diamond in existence, but for the young and impetuous heiress, its fascinating past is the hot selling point. “Besides that,” says Conroy, “she thought things that were unlucky for everybody else would be lucky for her, because she was an exception

Chopard Blue Diamond Ring


$16.26 million

Blue diamonds are among the rarest of naturally colored gems. That’s why this oval-shaped diamond ring, with triangular-shaped diamond shoulders and a pave-set diamond band in 18-carat white gold, will set you back about $1.7 million per carat. A pricey and unique alternative to the typical engagement

Heart of the Kingdom Ruby


$14 million

This 40.63-carat, heart-shaped Burma ruby, mounted on a 155-carat diamond necklace, claims top spot in the British jeweler’s collection. Got a débutante in your family? The diamond necklace can be transformed into a tiara. The stone is accompanied by two independent Swiss laboratory reports that verify its rarity.

Diamond Drop Earring by Harry Winston


$8.5 Million Earrings

Harry Winston is the ‘jeweler to the stars’ and you can find him, where else, at the House of Winston at 371 N. Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills, California. Every year Harry Winston lends out hundreds of millions of dollars worth of jewelry to the stars so they can look good at the Oscars. For 2006 the House of Winston created a pair of ‘Extraordinary Diamond Drop Earrings’ consisting of two pear-shaped diamonds in a platinum setting totaling 60.1 carats of wallet emptying glitter. If you’re interested in buying the world’s most expensive earrings be prepared to shell out a cool $8.5 million USD

Magnificent Diamond and Emerald Necklace


$3 million-plus

A virtual cascade of white and green, this Magnificent Diamond and Emerald Necklace from Chopard’s “Haute Joaillerie” collection will keep all eyes on your sweetheart, whatever the occasion. There are 191-carats worth of Columbia’s most beautiful emeralds on there, completely set by 16 carats of rose-cut and drop-shaped diamonds. Though officially “price upon request,” you should figure on spending $3 million-plus.

Regal Pear Shape Diamond Pendant


$2.5 million

Showstopper or credit-limit topper? Either way, Tiffany’s Majestic Diamond Necklace will be center stagShowstopper or credit-limit topper? Either way, Tiffany’s Majestic Diamond Necklace will be center stage wherever it’s displayed. With a fluid design that lies softly on the neck–and really, what other way is there?–this glittering choker evokes breathtaking glamour, with a 41.4-carat, pear-shaped diamond accompanied by a multitude of round and pear-shaped diamonds. Each stone is top-of-the-crust in color and clarity, of course, as is the pretty blue box it comes in

Emerald Cocktail Ring


$2.14 million

Luxury watch and jewelry manufacturer Chopard’s collection includes many high-priced pieces. But this bold cocktail ring–with half-moon diamond shoulders holding up a 33.02-carat solitaire emerald on a pave-set diamond and platinum band–outshines its rivals.

Novo Yellow Diamond Ring


$1.35 million

Of all the pieces one might find inside that famous blue box, this 25.27-carat novo yellow diamond ring set in platinum and yellow gold is priciest. Its beauty and its cost make soon-to-be-engaged girls swoon, and their beaus shudder. Can’t make it to the New York City location? Tiffany’s efficient online catalog makes ordering from home easy.

Diamond Engagement Rings


Engagement rings are traditionally known as a symbol of love and proposing. When a man asks a woman for her hand in marriage and in life, this ring is offered. Tradtionally, any ring is usable because the ring itself is a continuous loop symbolizing eternity. But as victims of society, now every man is pressured to use the most expensive piece he can afford, typically a diamond ring. The general rule of thumb is two to three month’s salary to show his dedication and sincerity.

Diamond rings became a tradition when the first one was given by Archduke Maximilian of Austria to Mary of Burgundy in 1477. Now it’s become a widely practiced ritual by nearly every culture in the world. More than 250 tons of earth is mined before a single 1 carat gem quality diamond is uncovered. The best quality diamonds are usually set into platinum bands for people who perfer the best of the best.

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  1. Theguywholooksatexpensivestuff Says:

    Wow I wish I had enough money to buy the Blue Diamond ring…

  2. HAZEL Says:

    these pieces are very nice but too dear for any one to afford apart from celebs who earn 65 million a day.

  3. Sadinara Says:

    who would be stupid enough to buy any of this cheap play jewlry anyway??????????????????????

  4. love Says:

    how i wish to owned one of the diamond ring….even to try it on….

  5. wowthesearesoexpensive Says:

    see i lovee the jewerly so much.
    but honestly, most of the jewelrys are for the stars and celebrities, but they are gonna spend like millions for something they’ll probably going to just wear once..
    wow waste of money.
    if i got them i would wear it like everyday. if i had the money!

  6. hdjcvjaHSCVabscvhjdsvcxnsbvc Says:

    Apparently, the Hope Diamond is cursed, and whoever carries or owns or even touches the expensive gem, they die soon after! I wish i could get all the jewelry on this whole page for $1! Now, THAT is how I roll! That’s stupid, I am aware!

  7. bex Says:

    omg!!! his jewlry is amazing!! but i would never even if i was a billionair buy this jewlry!!! its lovely but not worth it.

  8. thisissostupid Says:

    wow! pretty pretty! but…….who wants to spend money
    on stuff that they will hardly even wear?! like, u would not wear it shopin or anythin!! u would wear it to a dance am i rite? and how often does a dance happen?0

  9. jesse Says:

    wow this aint making no sence im from the hood and we aint payin for nun of these wake gems so yall need to lower them prices or u wont get no money real talk

  10. janitool Says:

    i wish i couls buy all this jewelry for my girlfriens Nora<333 she would love it so much oh that would be the day.

  11. kyal Says:

    these are all hidious

  12. DJ KASH Says:

    I love the blue diamond. Who earns millions of dollars a year/month/week.

  13. Abel Says:

    give me ur jewerly pretty please or il be forced to work for the rest of my life just to buy a crappy 1 carrot diamond for my wife

  14. keenan Says:

    wow who really wants to spend all that money for one of those when you can buy a super car for less

  15. mia Says:

    OMG! I wish I have enough money to buy that Heart of the Kingdom Ruby! So expensive. :))


    I wish i had enough money to get the blue dimond ring ! it is GORGUS ! i luv blue dimond jewlery . and sadrina this is real jewlery it isnt cheap fake jewlery !!!

    How would u know if it was fake or not not like you have seen it in real life or touched a little

  17. Tyra B. Says:

    Wow these jewlery items sre beautiful.I actually purchased something that looks like the Chopard Blue Diamond Ring, it’s wonderful!

  18. Tyra Banks Says:

    The Chopard Blue Diamond Ring is beautiful. I think i’ll use some of these jewels on next seasons America’s Next top Model.

  19. wtfyouwhore? Says:

    most of dem are i’d just sell them for the money to get a prettier Diamond anda little extra profit for myself 😀 like a nice argyle diamond tehe. ;3

  20. wtfyouwhore? Says:

    actually I like the Chopard Blue ring and the ruby heart, but the diamonds kill its awesomeness(but they are 155 carats so..CHA-CHING BITCHES!!)

  21. home skillet Says:

    Yeah Sadarina COOKIE MONSTER’s rite this isn’t just plain fake play jewellry this is may be absolutely hideous but I tells you what it worth a lot. Oh yeah and btw I am wtfyouwhore so to Sadarina..Wtf? You whore! CHA-CHING BIATCHH!! 😀

  22. Revlov Gareza Says:

    I cannot say anything but a very very fabulous and gorgeous WOW…how i wish someday that someone will give me at least one of this fascinating jewelry…ahmmm…i just hope so..

  23. aj Says:

    wow! splendid.,.,!! i wish i cud hav one esp. that “MAGNIFICENT DIAMOND AND EMERALD NECKLACE” for my mother.

  24. Iam_Sultana Says:

    wow! this is crazy! why own an expensive diamond when you can have a Russian diamond? waheheh!!!

  25. SNEHA Says:

    I wish to wear thie jewelry for the moment, it’s like a DREAMLAND and actualy it’s a dream.

    But if i have money then i HOPE FOR DIAMOND OF HOPE.

  26. Kehani Says:

    wow that is soo kwl i wish i had one but it would be hard to wear because some one would steel

    body guard!!!!

    it would be wonderful to wear something so rare!!!

  27. kemal Says:

    anyone who wants to have one of these things do not hesitate to contact me who is ready to make it to u as present.

  28. Zara Says:

    I wish 2 hav that blue dimond .I know it can’t b possible without giney of tht lamp.

  29. person Says:

    I would probally buy something fake because it i bought something real no one would believe me so whats the point fake is just as pretty as real.But at least i can say it real and not feel guilty because its real plastic!

  30. alexandra Says:

    i wish i could have one,,,,one day….if someone give one of diz to me wow dat woould be da best gift!!!:) i like da blue dimond ring!!!:)

  31. onceayinzeralwaysayinzer Says:

    haha its a tiny little ring… worthless in the eyes of somebody who doesn’t care about diamond currency. Who the hell first picked up a diamond and said these will be worth millions!…and the rest of the world followed suit. Weird how a tiny rock can be made so precious simply by people telling you it’s worth lots.

  32. Mrs. Justin Clark Says:

    As an IT computer specialist, I have enough money to buy one of these items or ask my husband to give them to me as a gift, but I have very sensitive skin and can’t wear anything but gold so all of these pieces are unfortunatly worth nothing to me.

  33. ianbonol_bohol.philippines Says:

    how i wish i could buy any of those diamonds…

  34. clodia Says:

    i like all jewelery without blue diamond; becoz it isn,t beutiful like its price.. but the others are good

  35. Lord G Carrington Says:

    I thought the 1.5ct Blue Diamond i wear was more than expencive untill i was shown the above.
    Now i want better…..

  36. Zainul Islam Says:

    Wow, I wish I had enough for the Chopard Blue Diamond Ring. $16.26 million, WOW.

  37. ali Says:

    those aren’t even pretty!!! Who cares how expensive it is! Just give me a beautiful ring and I’ll be happy!

  38. Veronica Says:

    I love my husband dearly!!!! He just bought me the Chopard Blue Diamond Ring.. yes he is trulyyyy amazingg! (:
    Dont yall wish yall were MEEEEEEEEEE!!!!
    love you Bradd! (:

  39. orelia Says:

    One day i’m gonna have some of them

  40. alex Says:

    this jewlary is not expensive at all i bought 3 different kinds 1 was 16.26 millian and the other was 14 millian and the other 1 was 7.98 millian

  41. boyfriend Says:

    I need one of those for my gf

  42. mike Says:


  43. scooby dooby doo Says:

    i love the emerald cocktail ring

  44. Texas Says:

    I have seen the Hope Diamond. Was very small and unimpressive. There were many more pieces in the Smithsonian that were much more beautiful.

    Who cares about the jewels, I want the money they are worth!!!

    They are beautiful tho!

  45. jrodz Says:

    they look so good in the eyes…those are too much for an ordinary people…i wish to have one of those thing so i can give it to my wife..

  46. Mrs. Just FAKIN Clark Says:

    .. im so sure your alergic to diamond ruby n emrald. i m rollin my eyes here. miss “i went to itt tech. a 3 million on a necklace is no thing to me”

  47. suzzy Says:

    im very rich and come from a rich family and live in a mansion and my mom has a 1 million dollar jewelery
    oh ya
    i win there

  48. pinkprincess Says:

    I love this stuff. i wish i cud own every piece.. but why wasnt a pretty pink diamond included? or a red or black diamond? strange. i like that hope diamond. oh and that big yellow diamond ring.. mmmm..!!

  49. Tina Says:

    i wish that i could see the heart of the kingdom ruby in real life; it looks so beautiful!

  50. RAHUL Says:


  51. julie Says:

    i wish i could afford that they are all sooo beautiful :::)

  52. Soldado Says:

    I would purchase one of these diamonds if its life expectancy was naturally alined with mine.

  53. meenakshi walia Says:

    these jwells are rockig.

  54. alveena ahmed Says:

    i dont have have words to describe how beautiful your jewelery is. i am coming to buy all these. be ready!

  55. Umar farouk Says:

    I wish I had the money to buy all this for my girl friend

  56. DreamOn Says:

    @Mrs. Justin Wilson Yeh, you wish you made that kind of money.

  57. Salman Says:

    Hey, dont ya all worry, there is a lot more expensive stuff available in jannat (paradise). Its one jem if revealed in this realm would outshine the sun the way sun outshines the stars. Hehe, so better do good deeds, gud eh!

  58. Alicia Says:

    Why would you buy something like that?! All it is doing is saying that you are incredibly rich!

  59. wisdom Says:

    What is the second most expensive jewel in the world?

  60. phantay'sia Says:

    these are truely the most beautiful jewelery in the world i love them i wish i had all of them. (:

  61. Lauren Says:

    I thought these were expensive until my dad came home with a 83 million dollar necklace for my mom. She loves it but it is very pricey.

  62. john paul g. jardenil Says:

    i was in total awe looking at those jewery collection, OMG! i cant imagine how rich you are if can afford to have one of those collection, i wish i can look at those collection in real life, i even day dream right now that i am the owner of those collection hehehehehe

  63. saviene Says:

    i love sweet

  64. Tongareva Kween Says:

    i guess with a the billions that we send in 20 years will actually rebuild london bridge than wasting it on expensive stones

  65. lolo Says:

    omg!! this is so beautyful i wish i can have 1…. 1 day when i married it would b kinda nice….

  66. The One Says:

    Sadinara, buying these shits are not for show-off. It is a SYMBOL OF PRIDE.

  67. Me. Hayley Says:

    This is amazing!!!!!!!!! Omfg thats just. wow



  69. common sense Says:

    wow the insurance would sure be expensive instead of one of these buy rings at Cardow Jewelers online trust me its worth it!!! its just as pretty you could choose from any of the stones you want ……do you know how many rings you could buy for just that price? the chopard blue diamond ring is pretty but make a replica -like half the people will know it fake-hint of sarcasm uhu sure best of luck sure hope you find the perfect ring:;;Jane

  70. lati tola Says:

    pls just wanted u pple out there to gave me correct answered on this question….
    Gold and Diamond which one of them is expensive?

  71. Mrs Justin Clarke Says:

    I know I said I was a IT computer specialist but I really am not I just can’t really afford any of them as I only earn $21,000 a year.

  72. Shabir Says:

    I have an expensive stone if u want to buy it.I will show the picture also.

  73. Barb Boushki Says:


  74. michael la tempt Says:

    … i am not a greedy man, but i wish i was rich and successful. i am but a boy but my dreams are huge. if i was the perfect man, with a amazing job i would get my fiancee one of these rings. precious they are butnt as precious as her,,,if only i could give her what she so rightly deserves, for all the times she subported me, made me laugh, made me feel loved..

  75. polly&jessy Says:

    there beautiful very nice and pretty i would love to get one for my mommy one day :))

  76. Nuwann Says:

    Haaa this prices are so cheep and jewellery’s are not my type.. and m looking fo at lees over 20mils.. if any news pls let me know ;P

  77. joseph Says:

    i love the diamond ring its soo preety!!!! i ove it.
    lol~ but i want its for free!!
    espisally the blue diamond ring i lov it!!!!!!!!!!!xoxoxo lolz

  78. William Fridge Perry Says:

    I bought the Blue Diamond Ring, LOL I almost drained my money market. Hey if any cuties(HOT WOMEN) would like something Be my guest. And yes I am ex-NFL Player. I have made millions over my NFL career and post NFL career Investing Millions to make millions. All ya’ll Fool of it. Oh and dont hate.

  79. abib Says:

    i never knew celebrities borrowed jewelery,very funny

  80. ankit agarwal Says:

    i wish i want to gift it to worlds most beautiful girl my best friend i will. ……..

  81. JB,SC, Nicky! Says:

    Love these wish I knew where I could buy them. I could get them all and not make a dent in my bank. Where can I buy the emerald diamond one? I want to buy it for my birthday, and my closest 16 friends one too!

  82. Princetemmy Says:

    I wish I earn 5.5m dollar a month. That way I can save my monthly salary for 3months to purchase the Chopard blue diamond as a an engagement ring for the woman of ma life. It’s not expensive compared to it’s value but it is costly.

  83. value Says:

    what is the most valuable, expensive in the world ???

  84. i am a boy,so i even like diamonds?? Says:

    i am aguy who even like these, so??? I can afford the diamond of hope and the blue diamond ring!! I’ll buy it

  85. Devorah Hutt Says:

    Simply wish to say your article is as astounding. The clearness in your post is simply cool and i could assume you are an expert on this subject. Fine with your permission allow me to grab your feed to keep updated with forthcoming post. Thanks a million and please continue the gratifying work.

  86. ammaarah Says:

    i love the blue diamond ring i wish i could afford it!!

  87. justin bieber is the best Says:

    i love all the diamond jewllery i sooo wish i could afford it!!!! oh and just for the record justin bieber is amazing and he is the best and his hair is soooooooooooooooo cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  88. justinbieberisgay Says:

    hello there i sooo wish i could have the blue diamond ring but i cant afford it:(

  89. Sin Says:

    Those stuffs aint good 4 a man, they’ll sinfull materials stay away 4rm all of em.

  90. rosalia Says:

    this is my birth stone I wish I can buy evev one small set of diamonds.

  91. Adebowale Olakunle Says:

    I will love to buy that diamond engagement rings. when it my time to get married.

  92. Lucky A. Says:

    Wow! Money is good. How i wish every boby can afford the chopard diamond ring which is the most expensive ring in the world it would have made weeding ceremonies to be awerson.

  93. Ty Says:

    you people want a diamond? come on get something with color. the blue diamond, or a ruby something thats not just Bla. they can cut class so it looks like and acts like a diamond catching the light. jesus. i’d rather have a tiny colored stone then a massive diamond

  94. Vanessa Hurst Says:

    My grandmother gave me, about ten years ago, quite a unique white gold ring{engagement, I don’t know} and it has been estimated at 40,000 to 45,000. If this is true, what do you want to do, should I wish to sell this magnificent piece?

  95. Eli Says:

    who want buy it this super fency ring?
    I have very nice super lovely & fency blue diamond ring.
    Also it’s7.4 carat with yellow gold.

  96. helllllllllllllllll Says:

    i would rather vuy

  97. Yazzzy Says:

    wow, a string attached to a rock is worth more than my house……. I feel poor lol

  98. showurov Says:

    I have a blue diamond ring. It’s smaller but has a royal look!

  99. Vini Says:

    I wish i could buy the Chopard Blue Diamond Ring. Its soo rare and pretty….

  100. Babii bop Says:

    For the man I will marry the dimond I wont is not a dimond but in fact a RUBY(Heart of kingdom ruby)w/o all the lil dimonds

  101. Pamela Jill Euceda Says:

    incredible THE WORTHLESS NECKLACE BUT THE MOST EXPENSIVE IN THE WORLD DOESN`T HAVE DIAMONDS!!!!$1000,000 THATS THE PRICE!its name is “HIGH TIDE”its was inspired by hard and uncertain times strong waves represent storm of life,we are the rocks with unshakeble will steadfast in our desires take a look in youtube woow!

  102. pkgdel5 Says:

    Even if I could afford it, I wouldn’t buy this jewelry. Would be too scared to wear it out in public!! Plus, if you can afford to buy this, how about putting that money to better use like helping people!!

  103. thinkerg Says:

    celebs dont earn 65 million a day you idiot, thier luck to mkae that a year. a celeb could maybe afford a couple of these but the real rich people that arent athletes or celebs, the ones with real money, billions, and trillions are the ones with this stuff. someoene said theyd rather buy a nice car, if u can afford these its chump money to the rich they can have all of these and every car. dumb ass people